Sunday Night Winning Angles Recap

Well we ended the night strong going 2-1, however we did it the unorthodox way. We gather hundreds and hundreds of pieces of information each day for all the games. Once gathered, we attempt to correctly use that data to give us an edge in the came. In regards to trends and statistics, if it were as simple as reading a trend and following the side with the better outcome Vegas would have closed down years ago. Sometimes you have to take a trend and factor in the other variables we discuss such as weather, injury, scheduling and travel to name a few. Once everything had been evaluated, even though the trend has Team A going 35-13 ATS (Against the Spread), in games played on the road the week after Team A won SU(Straight Up) as a Home Dog, they are 3-12 ATS the last 15 games in that situation. So while the overall body of the trend is hitting at 70%+, it recently has been trending down at a much higher rate of 80%.  Tonight was a perfect example of using our Winning Angles in that matter.

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