A Mirroring Fix???

Looking back on “J 11” 0-2 night, I couldn’t help but notice that one of his plays, Alabama Crimson-Tide, eerily resembled a game I played last week in the NBA. Last night, Alabama had an 82-69 lead over the South Florida Bulls late in the second half of last nights game. Levi Randolph, guard for the Crimson-Tide, missed a dunk and South Florida’s Chris Perry gets the Defensive Rebound at the 14 second mark, pushes the ball up to Jake Bodway who unexplainably drives in for a two point layup. Game Over, Bulls cover by a half of point.

Last Monday, November 24th, I played the Houston Rockets laying 6 points to the visiting New York Knicks. With the Rockets leading 91-82 with 38 seconds left, the Knicks Pablo Prigioni’s drove the lane for a made basket cutting the Rockets lead to 91-84. After taking 20 seconds off the clock, Houston’s Trevor Ariza misses a 3 point shot. Iman Shumpert grabs the rebound and outlet passes to Amar’e Stoudemire who unexplainably drives for a tomahawk slam with 8 seconds left. Now, it would have been perfectly understandable for Stoudemire to go for a 2 point basket IF he then found on the inbound pass which they unexplainably did not do. Game Over, Knicks cover.

2 different games where a team is trailing an insurmountable lead conscientiously and inexplicably go for a two point basket instead of a pad stating 3 or running out the clock and accepting defeat. And yes in both games that last minute 2 point hoop resulted in a cover for the underdog and for the team that shot it. Fixed??? You be the judge…

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