The last post had a link to homepage. Click on MY HOMEPAGE for direct access to “J 11” homepage on that site.

While we only offer Monthly Memberships here on our site, allows me to provide a wide variety of different packages. Anything from standard daily packages and “Play of the Day” options to a 6 month discounted membership for our Premium Package. We will honor any request made through for the 6 month membership. You may ask yourself why do I offer only 3 memberships via versus individual sports monthly packages via and you bring up a valid point. The answer is very simple. When you subscribe via you receive All Sports in our Gold and Platinum. The reason we do not promote “Plays of the Day,Week, Month” on our site is because our Platinum Members have these plays included in their membership. We will notify our members when we have a special play, however there is no additional charge. Monthly packages you see on are sold sport by sport. When you pay $475 for an NFL monthly package via you receive both standard and special NFL plays. Our All Sport Gold Membership on provides Standard plays. If there are any questions or concerns about pricing on either site please feel free to email us at

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