“J 11 Premium Plays” 12/5

Ouch, what  a rough night last night. Dropped a total of 19 Units, albeit by some very weird endings. We lost Unders in the Central Florida game on a 50+yard hail Mary, and Colorado Avalanche had a one goal lead disappear with under 30 seconds remaining in regulation, eventually losing in overtime. Good news is we are still up 4.3 Units on the week. Lets get some of last nights loses back. :

7 Units Oregona Ducks -14 (College Football Play of the Month)

3 Units Boston Celtics -3

3 Units Teaser Cleveland Cavaliers (+5 up to +10 and Kansas Jayhawks (-8 down to -3)

2 Units Denver Nuggets +4.5

2 Units Parlay Oregon Ducks, Boston Celtics and Denver Nuggets.

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