“J 11” Premium Plays

Alright boys after a few days off to regroup I’m back ready for a BIG Sunday. Friday’s card had me going in circles and I just could not pick out any situations or any games that I felt great about. And, in the end i was right going 2-5 Friday night in the Plays I would have released. Yesterday, I figured since it worked Friday, take one more day off and get a clear picture for Sunday. We did go -10.2 Units on Thursday, ending our 4 consecutive days in the Plus leaving us at -6.7 Units for the month. Todays plays are:

7 Units Cleveland Cavaliers -4

5 Units Minnesota Vikings +5 (buy 1 point up to +6) -130

3 Units New York Jets +10

3 Units New York Giants +6.5

2 Units Kansas City Chiefs +2.5 (buy half point up to +3) -130

2 Units Parlay Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings

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