“J 11” Premium Picks Recap

In this industry, the word “guarantee” is thrown around a lot. Whether a handicapper is guaranteeing an individual pick or a certain amount of success over a certain period of time, we see these guarantees going unfulfilled time after time. When we started this section, I specifically said that here at whyvegaswins.com we make any guarantees or promises, in regards to our results, about our service. We do promise to do our very best to give our members the slight edge we all look for as sports bettors. However right before I took my honeymoon vacation, during one of my coldest stretches of the season, I went against our “No Guarantee” motto and promised to get back the -21.5 Units I was down since we started this section. On top of that,  I also guaranteed an additional +5 Units and would do it before the conclusion of that week, which ended the Complimentary Picks I have been doing since the section started. At that time, I knew I was leaving for vacation and was planning on relaying the picks to digsallday, site founder, and having him put the picks up. Once my lovely bride abruptly put a stop to that our first day on vacation, I had to wait until I returned home to finish trying to fulfill the guarantee which was why I extended it through yesterday. After tallying up the results, 21.7 Units were gained during the “guarantee”, getting me back to EVEN since we started this section. While i am certainly not bragging about being even after 2 months of work, but due to the circumstances I am extremely happy with how things turned out. Now, even though I was able to get back all 21.5 Units I lost prior to the “guarantee”, I was not able to get the other 5 Units that was Guaranteed. Being a man of my word, my plays will remain Comlimentary until the Super Bowl concludes this upcoming Sunday. Picks for tonight will be posted ver shortly.

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