“JC 11” Premium Picks Recap 02/02-02/03

Didn’t get a chance to recap Monday night so I figured Recap both nights at once. Monday was one of those of nights where I took a team, North Carolina, despite knowing it was the wrong side. The numbers were right, and even pointed to the Tar Heels winning at home. However, as a huge UNC fan, I just knew it was a bad spot for them. Tough decision to make and unfortunately I made the wrong decision and had a -6.8 Unit night because of it. In this industry you need to have some selective amnesia, and bounce back from a bad decision. Last night was a good example of that. We were a last second shot away from getting the Over in the Warriors game (if you have not seen how it ended you need to, just keep all sharp objects out of reach when you do). Going 4-1, we went +13.7 Units on the night, erasing Mondays mishap putting the weekly total at +6.9 Units. Now that the Complimentary period is over, I will will continue to update the totals daily, however as I have mentioned before, I will judge my overall success on a month to month base. I advise all my members to do the same if that is possible. If you are absolutely bound by the week-to-week settling up with your local book, please let me know and we can devise a plan that will tailor your needs. Our Daily Trends and Stats page will be updated today, it has been down for maintenance the last two days.

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