“JC 11” Premium Pick Recap Page

Recently, I have received some inquires about the documentation of “JC 11” Premium Picks. Some readers have began to question the validity and authenticity of the Picks we document here at Whyvegaswins.com. Some have questioned the Time the picks are posted and others question whether or not we have the ability to Edit a post we previously made. I actually appreciate these inquires and although I can GUARANTEE none of the above has EVER taken place here at Whyvegaswins.com I have decided to implement a new form of documentation. Yes, since the Complimentary Pick stage has ended, Picks have been posted AFTER the games have started. Of course this is done to ensure those that do pay for our picks have the peace of mind that others are not receiving the same picks for free. Going forward, Our site has joined www.cappertek.com, one of the Industry’s Leading Sports Handicapper Directories around. We have added a new section, the “JC 11 Premium Pick Daily Recap” page. Picks have to be submitted to cappertek.com  NO LATER then 5 minutes prior to game time. This ensures their followers that all picks are properly documented and are being monitored by their site. The new section provides a link directly to my detailed record and picks page on cappertek.com. We will still provide the picks on Whyvegaswins.com as we have been Post Complimentary stage. If there are any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us at Whyvegaswins@gmail.com

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