Donnie Digler Premium Picks 03/03

Another night in the plus last night keeps the momentum rolling. As always, remember to visit for TIME STAMPED VERIFICATION for every pick made here at I have had some emails accusing me of posting picks well after the game starts sometimes even after the game ends. This was the main reason why I decided to start posting my picks on, the #1 Sports Handicapper Directory in the Industry. Every pick that gets posted here at gets posted at, our homepage at They make sure every pick made is submitted at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the game. For example, to make a selection from a game starting at 7:05 PM eastern time, it can be made no later then 6:59 PM eastern time. This ensures that all picks made are made PRIOR to any action taking place in said game. The units that correlate with each pick are always the SAME on both pages. I have noticed that the directory asked that you select Units being risked on a pick not the Units being won. Basically, when I list the picks here I go by Units intended to be won with an understanding that Juice/Vig is not included and must be calculated accordingly. I post a pick like this; 5 Units Philadelphia Sixers +2 exactly how you would call it in to your bookmaker, but since the directory asked that you select Units being risked that SAME 5 Unit pick on the Sixers +2 looks like this; 5.5 Units risked to Win 5 Units. I honesty thought it was understood that the picks were being posted here as Units to win NOT Units risked, meaning that the juice needed to be calculated manually which I always did. However, to keep everything uniform and to further prove nothing shady is being done here at, starting tonight I will post the picks Units risked as they are posted on Here are all of tonights picks:

6.6 Units Risked Washington Wizards ML -125

5.5 Units Risked Dayton Flyers ML -180

4.4 Units Kansas Jayhawks -9.5

4.4 Units Risked Kentucky Wildcats -9.5

3.7 Units Risked New York Islanders -140

3.3 Units North Carolina Tarheels -5.5

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