Donnie Digler Premium Pick Recap 4/15-4/18

Well there is not much I can say except…YESSSSSSSSSSS !!!! Wow what a run we are on here at Over the last 3 days I am picking at 80% with a +36 Unit increase and a whopping 53% Return on Investment. Needless to say the turmoil I went through at the end of College hoops is long in the rear view mirror. I have been on the go quite a bit the last 3 days which is why there has not been an update or recap here at But as always, EVERY single pick made can be found at our homepage For those new to the site, Memberships can still be purchased directly through our site under our Membership tab on our homepage Along with Documenting the picks, also encourages their Cappers to offer Memberships on their page as well to help better their overall product. That is why memberships are offered at both sites, I thought it was a good idea to explain that as I understand it can get confusing as to what is what. Be sure to check back later today for todays recap.

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