Donnie Digler Premium Picks Weekend Recap

Well, as they say, “All Good Things Must Come to an End” and this weekend was a prime example of that. Riding a very high wave heading into last week, I felt like I was getting a very good pulse on the MLB as a whole, and felt things were only going to get better. Using a system similar to the one I used for NCAA Hoops this past season, I truly believe I have significantly increased my odds of correctly finding at least 2 games each night with excellent Value. Wile I still strongly believe this, last week, especially the weekend showed me the system needs some MAJOR adjustments. After thoroughly analyzing last weeks games, I think the adjustments I made going into tonight are a step in the right direction.

Now for the results. While nobody loves to Recap a winning night more then me, I also strongly believe that a REAL HANDICAPPER also acknowledges his loses. The last 7 days saw an EMBARRASSING -52 Units with a -56.4 percent Return on Investment. Just as things appeared to turn the corner, yesterday capped off a nightmare of a Week going 0-3 (-17 Unit). However, with as bad of a week as we just had, over the last 30 days, members that have played every pick are +4.2 Units with a +1.14% Return on Investment. Even at a modest $20 per unit, that is still an $80 profit. Now while that may not sound like much to many, I URGE my clients to treat this as an Investment, and considering you would be lucky to earn $.50 cents in that same 30 day period on your average CD with $2,000 in it ($2,00 represents the bankroll of a player wagering $20 a unit as the example stated).

To my dedicate members, thank you and keep on hanging tough. Also, start to look out for a major increase to the overall amount of general context the Site will be putting out. With two new IT guys on the team, we are striving to improve the site as a whole, not just on the Handicapping front.

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