Donnie Digler Premium Picks Recap 4/30

Well needless to say THANK GOODNESS April has ended !!! What turned out to be an extremely turbulent month. After some early success with the start of the MLB season, things began to SEVERELY regress as the month went on. With a treacherous last week and a half, we ended the month an embarrassing -42 Units. Not where I wanted to be by any stretch of the imagination as it is NEVER acceptable to lose my members that many Units. For that reason, I have notified anyone that had a monthly Membership with last month that this current month is 50% off. That is the least I can do for you guys, as some of you have been with me going on 3 years now. With all that said, I truly believe the systems I have in place will lead us to a VERY profitable baseball season. The first month is always unpredictable, but this was one for the ages. Take the Detroit Tigers for example, they started the season looked nearly unstoppable. Fast Forward to last night, after an 8-1 defeat to the Royals, Detroit looked nothing like the team that opened the season 9-2. Keep the Faith !! Lets start the month off on the right foot.

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