Why does the phrase “VEGAS ALWAYS WINS” send goosebumps down the spine of sports gamblers nationwide??? How about for starters, it is usually a true statement. So if Vegas always wins, someone has to lose right?? Unfortunately that someone has been YOU one too many times.

We are avid Sports watchers, with a deep understanding of  The Sports Wagering Industry. Our goal is to create awareness and provide both pertinent information, that could be used to create a slight edge all gamblers look for, as well as Premium Selections from our very own Handicapper.

Providing our readers with information Vegas does not want anyone to have is one of our main purposes. Sure, things like injuries, trades and even weather updates are all things any sports gambler with internet access can find. Yes we will provide all of the above, along with relevant game trends, stats, analysis of previous games in similar scenarios and an in-depth look at team’s schedules and how they affect sports wagering outcomes.

We aim to always provide 5 star service that will have our members consistently gaining the edge every gambler looks for. Still have doubts?? Ask yourself this, Am I ready to end that stereotype “Vegas Always Wins” and become my bookies worst nightmare?? If you answer yes, then this is the place for you.


Donnie Digler


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