NFL Winning Angles Recap

Well, today should have, and very well could have been a much better day then it was for out Winning Angles. Our 2 top Winning Angles pointed in the direction of the Oakland Raiders and the New Orleans Saints. Unfortunately, the Raiders left their dignity as well as their football skills in Oakland and were drubbed 52-0 !!! Wow, with such a strong Winning Angle in favor of the Raiders, this was a very humbling game to watch. They trailed 28-0 in the first quarter and never even made this game seem close. Games like these are exactly why we NEVER MAKE GUARANTEES. Sure we have the utmost confidence in our Winning Angles, but any smart and seasoned gambler knows nothing in sports gambling or gambling in general that is a  “LOCK”.   On the bright side, our second top tier Winning Angle showed that the Pittsburgh Steelers were 1-14 ATS as a favorite the week before playing the Cincinnati Bengals. Well, make that 1-15, because the New Orleans Saints went into Heinz Field and physically dominated both lines of scrimmage earning a 35-32 victory that puts New Orleans right back in the playoff picture.  Our, 3 other Winning Angles went 1-2 with Green Bay being the only winner by defeating New England Patriots 26-21. The two losses resulted from poor performance from the Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers. Overall, our Winning Angles went 2-3 leaving us feeling VERY UNSATISFIED with our day.

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