The fix was in…

Well, it took all weekend but finally we have a “was the fix in” candidate. Trailing the Atlanta Falcons 29-10 with 1:17 seconds left in the fourth quarter the Arizona Cardinals had the ball inside Atlanta’s 20 yard line. They score what turned out to be a meaningless Touchdown, meaningless unless you bet thee total in this game. With some late sharp money on the Under, those who took the UnderĀ seemed like they were on their way to the cashiers window. Then came this TD. However, to be clear it was not the actual 6 points the Touchdown awarded that sent this total Over. It was thanks to a very “iffy” Pass Interference call against Atlanta on Arizona’s first two point attempt which was unsuccessful. A failed two point conversion would have resulted in a 29-16 final, keeping the total Under by a measly half point !!!. Unfortunately for Unders bettors, the “iffy” penalty allowed Arizona to line up again on the 1 inch line and basically walked into the end zone and was awarded a successful 2 point conversion . Wow thats gotta be fixed right??? or was it…..

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