“J 11” Premium Plays 12/11

I forgot to include the total Units lost last night in my recap. As bad as the damage was, I would be a hypocrite to highlight Units on a plus day but failed to on a minus day. -16.6 Units was the total damage done last night, putting us at -16.8 Units for this new week and -12.2 Units since the rollout of this section. No excuses for last night, I was off in interpreting the data our team provided me. Ready to put yesterday behind us and start the comeback tonight. Tonight’s plays are:

5 Units Depaul Dibs +10

3 Units Idaho Vandals +2

3 Units Buffalo Sabres +150

2 Units Over Washington Capitals/Columbus Blue Jackets 5.5

1 Unit Parlay Buffalo Sabres, Idaho Vandals ML (+115), Ottawa Senators


Still up in the air about the NFL game tonight and the small NBA card, check back around 7:45PM for an update.

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