“J 11” Premium Plays Recap 12/10

OUCHH !!!! All i can say is OUCH after a treacherous night of plays. The early card was as ugly as it gets losing EVERY SINGLE play. The Late plays were looking nice until Gonzaga failed to cover the 22 point spread leaving us at a BIG minus for the night. Nights like this happen which is why we ask our members to not judge me on day to day outcomes, but rather my whole body of work from month to month. This was the first night of significant loses since I rolled out this page a little over a week ago. Unfortunately anyone that wagers on sports knows nights like these are almost inevitable. What separates a good or mediocre Handicapper from the Elite Handicappers is the frequency of these losing nights. Have confidence that over the long term I will not have many nights like tonight. Tonights plays will be posted after 6PM as we aim to get back on track.

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