“J 11” Premium Plays Recap 12/11

Well after 2 days of breaking basically even, I have had 2 woeful nights in a row. No excuses just interpreting the data our team delivers  completely wrong. I have  said this before, and has been my motto for some time now, the key to long term success is to be able to keep your cold streaks short and when you are in the midst of such a streak DO NOT try to over compensate by wagering out of charter. If your average Unit is 5 for all your plays, do not increase this number merely to make up for a few losing days. Its a MARATHON not a RACE. We were -8.8 Units last night bring the weekly total to -25.6 Units and Monthly total to – 21 Units. We will turn this around that much I can just about guarantee. Lets start that turnaround tonight !!!

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