“J 11” Premium Plays 12/15

What up What up !! Unfortunately for myself and my followers, our website was down this entire weekend due to Server issues. That was the reason there were nor Premium Plays posted Saturday or Sunday. Friday night we got back to some winning albeit a small win as we totaled +1.3 Units for the night. That left us at -24.3 Units for last week going into the weekend and at -19.7 Units for the month. The unfortunate part was that yesterday would’ve been the day to get us back. I know that since it is undocumented its basically useless to sit here and write how great i did. Therefor, I will not do that, I will act as though the weekend did not exist. if my followers did not get a chance to benefit from any weekend plays it means NOTHING to me. Now today was suppose to be the end of the Complimentary/Roll-out phase. However, I do not feel right charging for my plays just yet. Not only are my followers still minus quite a few UNITS, my bigger issue is the lack of opportunity to win some of those Units back since the site was down all weekend. So, after consulting with digsallday and our team, i decided to extend the Roll-out phase for ONE MORE WEEK. Picks will be posted shortly.  We do sincerely apologize for this weekends inconvenience, and we have taken the proper steps to ensure this will NEVER happen again. Thank you for your understanding.

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