Donnie Digler Premium Picks 03/17

Gonna try to limit the amount of picks as much as possible. After todays post I really tried to pinpoint what I think the main issue is for the recent drop off in success. While I feel like there are a few other areas that could be tweaked, I decided that, in my opinion,  I have been releasing far to many picks on a given day. With college basketball winding down, and both profession sports (NHL and NBA) are nearing the playoffs, there has been plenty to choose from each night. One night last week there were over 70 total games between the 3 sports and we are talking about an off Thursday the 1st week of March prior to any conference tournaments. So with all that said tonight I really tried to limit the amount to under 5. I normally do not like putting restraints on myself like that but tonights card was not that large and thought it was actually a great night to start this. With that said I did leave out 1 team I absolutely meant to play and that was BYU -4. I honestly messed the time of the game up thinking it was 9:30 and was under the impression some late money would come in on Old Miss allowing me to get -4 rather then 4.5 So I am on the record saying I would have played BYU tonight the outcome is irrelevant when it comes to my documented record. Here are tonights picks:

Risking 4 Units George Washington ML +165

Risking 3.6 Units Under Blackhawks/Islanders 5.5 -120

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