Donnie Digler Premium Picks Recap

The one thing I have a problem with, that majority of handicappers are guilty of , is the lack of honesty during a rough patch. I fully understand that when selling yourself or your product, it is imperative to stick to the positives while tip toeing around any negatives. And most handicappers would say our industry is no different. I could not disagree more. As I have stressed before, honesty and integrity are a MAJOR concern here at I want to separate myself from the rest by being 100% completely honest with EVERY aspect of my service. I joined to ensure all of my picks were being place prior to game time and are being graded by them no me. I allow them to post my picks 10 minute after each game start, where the majority of other handicappers I have came across DO NOT. They “fear” people will take advantage of their picks without paying for them, however as the customer you never know for sure if these picks are in fact legit or if said handicapper manipulates the results. That is a chance I am more then willing to take to ensure to my readers and members that everything we do here at is 100% transparent. This includes honesty about how my picks have been doing overall.

Too many times I see a handicapper who is -15 Units and 13-17 over a 2 week period. Rather then admit that they are going through a “cold streak” or “rough patch” they will focus on anything that can be spun as positive. So this same handicapper that is -15 Units and 13-17 his last two weeks will promote how his record is 7-2 and has gone +8 Units in NBA over the last 2 weeks. While this information may actually be 100% accurate, it is only a portion of his overall body of work. Over that same period of time his record for all other plays was 6-15 and -23 Units yet mentioned absolutely NOTHING about that aspect of his service. To me that is flat out DECEITFUL and among other thing very insulting to your reader. If your picks are documented and verified some way, shape or form (as all Professional Handicappers should do) all it takes is a few clicks and that reader can find out that you did in fact go 7-2 in the NBA, but that you also failed to mention how horrible you were in all other picks. You basically lied to your reader and potential customer and hoped that they would not take a few seconds to go and check you documented picks. How insulting !!!

With all that said, I fell like I currently am in a little “rough patch” over the last 2 weeks. Most of my top picks (picks 5 Units or greater) have gone down, some having ZERO chance to win/cover. With the college basketball season winding down, I feel as though I stepped out of character and have been playing more games then normal on a daily basis. And with me putting so much time into the end of the college hoops season, I feel as though picks from the NBA and NHL have suffered mightily. Since I always felt the only way to truly correct mistakes you are making is to first acknowledge them and then come up with a game plan as to how you will go about correcting said issues. Now, despite all of this the sky is hardly falling on us. Over the last 30 days my picks are 128-116-1 (52%) and +31.9 Units. Now that we have recapped the last 2 weeks, lets talk future.

This week starts one of the BEST times of the year for us sports fanatics, MARCH MADNESS. I can honestly say that I have never felt as prepared for any single March Madness tournament that I am for this one and the numbers back that up. Over the last 30 days counting only NCAA Basketball picks, I am 94-75-1 (56%) and +86.1 Units. So despite this little bum in the road over the last two weeks we go into tonights Play-in games Locked, Loaded and ready to make this a MARCH TO REMEMBER !!!


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